How does ClickYog help with Google Map Ads?

It is hard to determine methods by which interested buyers search for any product or service. However, if you know the method, it becomes easy to take the necessary actions. This is what our Google Map Ads management services do for your business. We will form and execute the Google Map Ads campaign and put your ads on Google featuring your business locations. When people search for service providers on “Google Maps” or “near my location”, your local search ads will appear in front of them along with your business locations.

Some of the potential benefits you will experience with our Google Map Ads services are:

  • Check icon checkmark checkbox yesGet in the top of the searches
  • Check icon checkmark checkbox yesIncrease in foot traffic in the store /office present nearby your location
  • Check icon checkmark checkbox yesGet more calls from suspects
  • Check icon checkmark checkbox yesPotential audiences / buyers get to know more about your business
  • Check icon checkmark checkbox yesHelp in building your local business presence

  • Why ClickYog?

    In the online business journey, you need a partner that can understand your unique business requirements and offer you bespoke solutions within your budget. Our team at ClickYog will give you the required impetus by building the local presence of your business. We will formulate and run your campaigns on various platforms to get the desired results within your budget. We promise to stand strong on the following parameters:

    • 1. Running Google Map ads for capturing the attention of potential local buyers.
    • 2. Generating guaranteed, high-quality and low-cost leads looking for products or services in which you deal in your area.
    • 3. Running campaigns on various platforms to maximize your brand awareness
    • 4. Bringing improvement in sales to maximize your business ROI.
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