Making Your Shopify Store Rank Well

At Click Yog, we do all things digital. But what really matter us is performance. Working across several channels, implementing strategies and driving results, we have attained accreditation for accelerating transformation as your digital growth partner. We help merchants make a consistent move to the platform, with all the goodness of Shopify SEO which let them enjoy the wealth of conversion-driving features.


How Can we Boost your Brand Image?

We are here every step of the way; designing your store, maintaining brand visibility, migrating your data and products, and optimising your new eCommerce site. The SEO team of Click Yog ensures that your market will find what you have to offer on SERPs so you can boost them to your website. There’s only one way ticket to success and this is with Shopify SEO. We have a tailor-made approach that boosts brand image and makes them stand apart from the online competitors.

The services will result in:

  • Check icon checkmark checkbox yesImproving organic rankings
  • Check icon checkmark checkbox yesImproving conversation ratio
  • Check icon checkmark checkbox yesIncreasing sales and profitability of the business
  • Check icon checkmark checkbox yesBuilding market credibility by enhancing a website’s reputation

Our Approach to Shopify SEO

When you choose the expert team of Click Yog, you are actually doing favor to your business SEO success and profits as well.

With us, you will experience the following advantages:

  • Check icon checkmark checkbox yesWe have an in-house team of seasoned and dedicated SEO professionals. They possess the experience and knowledge to bring any Shopify-powered website to the top rankings of the search engines.
  • Check icon checkmark checkbox yesThese experts adopt a result-driven Shopify SEO strategy for bringing measurable results.
  • Check icon checkmark checkbox yesWe follow a transparent reporting and pricing policy.
  • Check icon checkmark checkbox yesWe have successfully delivered solutions for businesses of all types and sizes.


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